Mary Phillips-Sandy

I’m a writer, producer, and creative project wrangler in New York.

About Me

I have done freelance writing and editorial consulting for major media companies, small nonprofits, and everything in between. My work has appeared in Quartz, the New York Times, The Awl (RIP), and elsewhere.

As a producer at Comedy Central I ran a daily politics vertical, produced digital shorts and a virtual comedy festival, helped launch the CC app, and built an in-house digital editorial team from the ground up. Later, as managing editor, I oversaw a team of writers and editors and fielded urgent questions like “should cactus-muncher have a hyphen?” (Answer: yes.)

I also make podcasts. My specialties include series development, story editing, research, production management, scripting, and hosting. I’m really proud of Let’s Talk About Cats, a show I created, hosted, and produced for two exhilarating seasons. The AV Club said I’m “careful not to let anyone get too comfortable” in interviews, and that’s a compliment I’ll accept.


creator, host, EP
research, production
research, host prep
development, production
development, production

Bonus: Let’s Talk About Cats theme song (by Poingly, commissioned by me)

Featured Writing

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A Conversation with Tamra (Video Palace: In Search of the Eyeless Man anthology)


I am available for creative projects and collaborations. Get in touch and tell me what you have in mind.

mphillipssandy at gmail